Recently we saw a question in the Travel Insider Bucket List Facebook Group page asking what was the worst travel advice you’d ever been given. Member Lu Zhan replied – “Work hard and when you retire, then you can travel.”

We could not agree more – that might be the worst advice ever.

Early on, my wife and I agreed we would not “wait until when” to travel. We would not wait until “when we had time,” or “when we had money,” “when the kids have grown,” or any other “when” you might imagine.

We have found highway therapy to be some of the best around.

Traveling is Easy

I cannot tell you how many memories we have made by spur of the moment trips. With our smart phones, my wife has researched and made reservations while we were on the road.

TripAdvisor has provided us with reviews of restaurants and lodgings to use as a guide. It has been astonishing the places we have gone and the things we have seen and experienced.

Additionally, we have found a lot of places within easy driving distance. “One Tank Trips,” as they have been called, are some of the most rewarding. From where we are we can drive to, Solomon’s Castle, Lakeland’s Lake Mirror Park and the Sebring International Raceway and back. In fact we can go and still have time for lunch.

Solomon’s Castle is fun and funky – remember lunch at the Boat in the Moat.

It Need Not Be Expensive

As we come back off this Covid-19 epidemic, some people may be concerned about the costs. The good news is, there are still many free and low cost things to do across the Sunshine State. There are many parks that are free and open to the public.

We found Patterson Park when we were out looking for a picnic spot. The Monument of the States in Kissimmee is free as us the Ideal Classic Car Collection.

A zoom lens in helpful to see all the elements of this massive pylon

It goes without saying that many of the beaches both on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts can be enjoyed at no additional charge.

Low cost experiences include a wide array of minor league baseball teams, most Florida state parks, Lakeland’s Silver Moon Drive-In Theater and the Avon Park Mowerplex where lawn mower racers hold sway. Admission is less than $10,

Making Memories

The best part is that in making memories, we have been able to store literally hundreds of photos and videos on our smart phones. tablets and computers. For those with kids – these are tremendously valuable and easier than souvenirs.

You cannot “grow out” of these memories, they do not gather dust nor do they dull. The only thing that is passing is time.

So let us be the first to urge you do not take the worst travel advice ever given. Do not wait for “when.” Head out to your chosen destination and remember to take your fun with you and take lots and lots of pictures.