Recently while at the Sebring Regional Airport, we decided to catch breakfast at the Runway Cafe. Yes, we have heard the stories of airport food. Obviously, those folks have never stopped at this quaint little place.

The Sebring Regional Airport might not be the largest in the Sunshine State, but certainly it is one of the friendliest. Apparently they have a draw, as there were a lot of planes on the flight line the day we were there.

There were plenty of planes on the flight line

The Runway Cafe

We found The Runway Cafe perched at the end of the airport’s main concourse. Despite the hallway’s glistening marble and towering ceilings, the restaurant itself is quite homey. We were struck by the artwork on the walls showing off the airport’s history.

It didn’t take us long to discover that the Sebring airport started life as a World War II Bomber training facility for B-17s. In fact, it appears much of that same concrete still makes up the apron adjacent to the Cafe’s outdoor dining facility.

You can dine inside our out. The deck gives a good view of the air traffic,

At the Runway Cafe, you can eat outside or inside. Our option was to eat inside that day inasmuch as there was a pretty good breeze. Inside, it is more like your typical Mom & Pop restaurant with engaging waitresses and a full menu of comfort food.

Most of the crowd had cleared out by the time I snapped this one.

The Menu

The fare is nothing fancy. It is just real, down home southern cooking. Breakfasts include omelets, bacon, eggs, pancakes and the like. Our order had all of that and country ham with biscuits & gravy to boot.

We found the lunch menu to be more of the same. There were hot sandwiches like burgers and cheesesteak, there were cold sandwiches – even po’ boy subs. They also offer soups, salads and seafood baskets among other things.

The best part for us was that the portions were generous at a good pricepoint.

Underneath the pile of home fries and marbled rye is an omelet.

A Destination Point

We learned that The Runway Cafe at Sebring actually is a destination point for the $100 Hamburger Club. That is where individual pilots fly in to a specific point to have lunch. The price does not refer to the cost of the meal – but rather the gas it takes to fly there and back.

Speaking of gas, if you have an electric car – or a hybrid – the Sebring Regional Airport has a brace of electric re-fueling stations at the west end of the parking lot. You can plug in – then go have a bite to eat.

There was a car charging up the day we were there. Apparently, there are fewer carbs in electricity than there are in gasoline. Who knew?

The Sebring Regional Airport also is home to the Sebring International Raceway – a facility we have reviewed several times. It is a world renowned sports car racing course and home to the Mobil One 12 Hours of Sebring – one of the most prestigious endurance races on the globe.

Our visit gave us the opportunity not only to watch some planes take off and to hear and see a few race cars while we were there.

If you’re looking for some great southern comfort food, at a restaurant with a unique view- The Runway Cafe at the Sebring Regional Airport is a good choice.