January is Be Kind to Food Servers Month. So we thought we might take this opportunity to echo that thought. Those who follow us here at Florida Fun Travel, know we do a lot of eating on the road. We have dined when the place was crammed with snowbirds. We also have eaten at restaurants that are virtually empty.

But no matter the situation, we have always tried to be kind to our server. For the most part they have been great. Sure, every once in a while we got a cranky waiter or waitress. But we try to figure out what is going on with them.

Most of the time our servers are fast, friendly and efficient.

We have not been there all day and seen what has been transpired. The opportunity to know what’s going on in their lives has not presented itself. But in the end, trying to be good customers has resulted in great wait staff – at least for the most part.

In the past, I have worked as a bartender. I also have had the opportunity to be pressed into service as a waiter. For those of you that have not enjoyed that experience, it’s a long day to spend on your feet. Moreover, many times you have to be pleasant to people who do not always invite pleasantness.

Possibly the worst part for a waiter or waitress is that you suffer for the inequities of the kitchen. The food comes out late, or not hot – that’s something that can cost a server a tip.

Yes, I know, there are times when the server themselves are responsible for bringing out cold dishes. There also are those who do not take the order correctly or don’t follow specific requests about orders.

One of our friends says the cardinal sin, is letting the coffee cup go empty.

It can be a long day for your fingertips as well as your feet.

January is Special

But January is Be Kind to Food Server’s Month. That is why we think it is a good time to consider the hard work these folks put in so that we can have a great dining experience. They will tell you – there are times they got tips they did not deserve, and got stiffed when they had gone above and beyond.

A lot of these folks get minimum wage or below. They are working to get that tip that will help make ends meet.

And just as important as a tip, is the ability simply to be pleasant. It makes the meal more enjoyable and certainly helps the server be more inclined to enhance the dining experience.

In any case, is as good a time as any to thank your server, wish them a Happy Be Kind to Food Servers Month and leave them a generous tip.