While we realize that not everyone who reads  Florida Fun Travel might be Christian, we are – and unashamedly so. That is why we pray before, during and after our trips.
   For instance, many times we pray that The Lord will direct our path and take us to the right place at the right time. We pray He will put the right people across our path and make us the right people across the path of others.  To some, this might sound like a futile exercise.  However, I cannot tell you how many times we are led to the right lodging, the correct point of interest or the exact restaurant which we sought.

Following the Spirit

   It seems like sometimes we have been taken to a very unlikely place, or perhaps even the wrong spot. But  on more than one occasion we have ended up exactly where we needed to be.
Traveling Florida
  We also ask for traveling mercies when we go out on the road. The ways we have been protected (and others from us) are innumerable. From close calls on the interstate, to being led to the right turns it has been astonishing the way we have been led.

Follow Where He’s Leading

  In our travels we have been put into the path of so many great people. Those include it is hotel/motel staff, restaurateurs, waitstaff and even other travelers. We cannot help but give praise to The Lord for where he has sent us.
  One of the most obvious examples was when we decided to go to New Smyrna Beach for an Easter Sunrise Service. We ended up at the right church and had a wonderful experience meeting the members. For us, it was  a glorious early morning service.
  We met Pastor Don Shobert and his flock. After the sunrise service we returned to the church for a breakfast and worship service.
   In our travels we have been led to some very fun spots. For instance, just up the street from the church is Norwood’s. It is a restaurant, wine shop and bar. Our favorite spot was the upstairs – in the “treehouse.” The “treehouse” is an open air dining facility. We found the ambience to be wonderful. Moreover, the food is great and there is good, live music. Best of all – it’s not overpriced.
  Another time we decided to go to Tarpon Springs for the Epiphany observances. Hosted by the St. Nicholas Cathedral, there were lots of activities. We saw the blessing of the fleet, the ceremonial retrieval of the cross, and the festival.
  Again we had an opportunity to meet a lot of pilgrims who had come for the experience and The Lord helped us with so many things – from being at the right place at the right time – even to find good parking spaces.
  That again was an answer to prayer with a great cultural experience as well as a very worshipful time,
   We have had some times when we were frustrated, came upon places where we were not sure where to go and what to do – and in each occasion we received and answer.

It Does Not End at the End

  Finally, we thank The Lord when we return, safe and sound. Our hope is that we have represented Him well as good disciples and lived within His laws and directions.
  For those readers who are traveling Christians, we would suggest focused prayers of help and thanksgiving  before, during and after your trips. For others, we would suggest that a close personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ is the single most important thing you can do.