Florida is reopening in phases and it continues to pick up steam. We read where our Governor, Ron DeSantis says he will not close the state again. This makes us happy and more eager to travel. Those who follow us know that we were kept from traveling for a while....
Listed as one of the 11 most Unconventional Conventions by SyFy Wire, the 19th Annual Klingon Feast hits Daytona Beach this weekend - and for the fans of the badboys (and girls) of Star Trek, this is their time to shine. The Feast  is a weekend event planned, produced  and presented by fans for fans. No guest stars – just Klingons with...
We were sitting around planning our next adventure when we started to consider what we love about Florida. And the answer is - quite a lot. At first we tried to prioritize our list. But that turned out to be a fool's errand. So instead, we thought we'd present them here in no particular...
  Back in September we did a piece on Florida bourbons in honor of "Bourbon Heritage Month." Little did we know it would lead to one of the great Christmas presents of our adult life.    There are three bourbon distilleries here in Florida, including the Timber Creek Distillery in Crestview - up in the panhandle.  We were stunned when...
There is nothing that surpasses the importance of research in planning a getaway. We use TripAdvisor to review the restaurants, lodging and points of interest in area we plan to visit. It helps us determine where we'll go and what we'll do. Recently, we attended an extended...
As things begin to get back in gear, many people want to know how to tell which Florida beaches are open. To that end, we have found there are several ways to check - especially if you know where you are headed. Over the course of time, we have...
Well February has arrived - and that means it's Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month. I know we are happy about it. There are hundreds of roadside vendors and U-picks full of our favorite fruit. Possibly the best part is that February means the annual Florida Strawberry Festival is right around the corner.
***ATTENTION ***'    Like many other events in Highlands County, officials of the North American Society of Grass Racers and Sod Slingers have postponed the opener of the 2017-18 racing season at the Avon Park MowerPlex. "It really is a shame,:" said NASGRASS President Wes Pyburn. "But the safety of our racers and our fans are most important to us." Pyburn said...
September is Honey Month. Florida has a rich history in honey. And if you have visited the Sunshine State, you've probably had a taste of the fabled Orange Blossom Honey. But have you ever tried Sea Grape honey? There's also Mangrove, Palmetto, Gallberry and even Brazillian Pepper honey. ...
So last week I was minding my own business and cruising my Facebook page when I came upon an online trivia show hosted by Visit Bradenton Gulf Islands. Well, I decided to play along and ended up winning an echo dot. Visit Bradenton Gulf Islands is the official...


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