This is National Travel & Tourism week. Here in Florida, no matter where you are, there's a fun day trip. Most are easily within an hour of where you're sitting right now. You can take a drive up the backroads. Perhaps make a journey to a destination location. And a...
January is Be Kind to Food Servers Month. So we thought we might take this opportunity to echo that thought. Those who follow us here at Florida Fun Travel, know we do a lot of eating on the road. We have dined when the place was crammed with snowbirds. We also have eaten at...
   We think that Florida films are fun. Moreover, we've found there are plenty of them! There are classics like Key Largo, Easy to Love and Kid Galahad. We discovered more recent offerings like The Longest Yard, Scarface and Wrestling Earnest Hemingway as well. Did you know there's been more than 160 major motion pictures filmed in Florida?   We...
  The outbreak of Covid-19 brings great travel preparation opportunities for those of us who like to travel. We agree with officials of the American Automobile Association. They project that many Floridians' cars could be parked in the driveway for at least another month. It's all due to the...
Well February has arrived - and that means it's Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month. I know we are happy about it. There are hundreds of roadside vendors and U-picks full of our favorite fruit. Possibly the best part is that February means the annual Florida Strawberry Festival is right around the corner.
Recently my wife and I had a discussion over which we liked better the Florida sunrise or sunset. First, we decided that "better" might not be the proper word. For us, it might rather be "which do you prefer?" As it turns out, each has its own charm.
We have passed by Webb's Candy Factory on Highway 27 in Polk County many times. But like others, we'd never stopped. Recently we pulled in to visit and found out what we had been missing. Previously we had blogged about our trip to Davidson's of Dundee and sampled their citrus candy. This time it was...
Happy New Year to you! As we move into this new year and a new decade, we at Florida Fun Travel would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. For all our visitors, new and returning, thanks. Last year, we more than doubled the amount of...
There is nothing that surpasses the importance of research in planning a getaway. We use TripAdvisor to review the restaurants, lodging and points of interest in area we plan to visit. It helps us determine where we'll go and what we'll do. Recently, we attended an extended...
For all intents and purposes, it appears that Florida has been closed TFN - meaning 'Til Further Notice. The beaches are shut down, restaurants no longer are serving inside and most of the attractions have locked up. We now are awaiting the fabled TFN to arrive. In the past,...


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