Listed as one of the 11 most Unconventional Conventions by SyFy Wire, the 19th Annual Klingon Feast hits Daytona Beach this weekend - and for the fans of the badboys (and girls) of Star Trek, this is their time to shine. The Feast  is a weekend event planned, produced  and presented by fans for fans. No guest stars – just Klingons with...
Winter at the beach has a lot to offer, and officials at the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission remind folks it's a perfect time for collecting shells. Shells are Fun and Useful As a former island dweller, seashells have become an integral part of my home ...
  Have you ever been Glamping? Do you even know what it is? The word actually is a contraction of "glamour" and "camping." It describes a style of outdoor accommodations with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with "traditional" camping as we know it.   It's a lot more than hiking to a destination, pitching a...
There is nothing that surpasses the importance of research in planning a getaway. We use TripAdvisor to review the restaurants, lodging and points of interest in area we plan to visit. It helps us determine where we'll go and what we'll do. Recently, we attended an extended...
It was on May 9 of 1754 that the first cartoon appeared in an American Newspaper. Appearing in the Philadelphia Gazette, it was titled "Join or Die," . The ink drawing was penned by Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. It depicted a sectioned snake with each piece representing...
The bag contains a lot of Skinbuzz products and makes it perfect to take on the road.
We are always looking for new products to take with us that make our trips easier and more fum. In fact, we have a Hints & Tips section with Gadgets and planning suggestions for just that. Recently we obtained a new product called Skinbuzz. It all came in a neat little...
Avast mateys! Did you know that Arr-gust is Pirate Month? Well, that's what our crack research team tells us! Here in Florida, there are plenty of opportunities for privateers of all stripe to celebrate with a yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. While visiting Historic Cocoa Village,...
   While traveling through scenic Hardee County we came across a roadside sign announcing "The Bee Barn."  Intrigued, we decided to make a visit and found a true hidden gem. The sharp-eyed Mrs. Funmeister, who also serves as the navagatrix for our trips spotted the small roadside sign.   "That looks like a fun place," she opined. I agreed and...
   In our travels we have visited lots of locales - but we've never actually been on any kind of organized tour.    Oh, we have taken a lot of trips around the Sunshine State.  But our favorite destinations have been smaller, funky and interesting towns that we've explored on our own. Matlacha for instance, is tiny but there is...
    Gulfport’s waterfront plays host to the 17th annual Geckofest presented by Eyeglass World on Saturday Sept. 2. Running from 10am until 10pm, it is the largest festival of the year for this waterfront village and is a true Florida Fun Zone.    Why a gecko? It’s their unofficial mascot and favorite reptile.    The music portion of this...




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