For all intents and purposes, it appears that Florida has been closed TFN – meaning ‘Til Further Notice. The beaches are shut down, restaurants no longer are serving inside and most of the attractions have locked up. We now are awaiting the fabled TFN to arrive.

In the past, we have indicated that we have “stopped waiting for when” for us to travel. However, this embargo has been thrust upon us. We have been told this could be “a couple of weeks.” Perhaps it may be longer – we don’t know.

Where We Have Been

So while we have been waiting, we decided to look back at our trips around the Sunshine State. It has been amazing to us the number of places we have been able to go and enjoy. We have gone to Tarpon Springs, Melbourne, Deland, Sarasota, Cocoa Beach, Bartow and Englewood to name a few.

While on Anna Maria Island we enjoyed the Pine Avenue shopping experience.

Our visits have included some great attractions, such as Weeki Wachee, The Florida Aviation Museum and Solomon’s Castle. These trips in turn inspired us to think of additional places we have not yet visited but look quite interesting.

The Weeki Wachee mermaid show was a wonderful glimpse into old Florida tourist attractions.

Where We Want to Go

In fact, we have made up a list of post-TFN locations that look interesting. We have been wanting to visit the Emerald Coast, The Forgotten Coast and the Nature Coast. Moreover, there’s the Coral Castle, Skunk Ape Headquarters in Ochopee and perhaps a stop by Whimseyland in Safety Harbor.

Actually, we also have been wanting to take one of the Discover Sarasota Tours. When TFN finally arrives, we are going to jump at the chance. The problem will be which of the tours to take. The nice thing is that the history of the area will not have changed. This means the great pre-TFN tours still will be available.

What’s not to love about Sarasota? And a guided tour makes it all the better.

Our Preparations

In the end, this forced TFN time period has given us an opportunity to look at and review some of our stockpile. We have gone through our first aid kit and refreshed it. In the same manner, we looked at our traveling tool box to make certain it still is in order.

Our Travel Basket also has been inventoried to make sure it is ready for departure at a moment’s notice. Because we are ready to head out somewhere and have some serious fun.

In this time of forced TFN, we ask you to join us. Check out our social media pages, like and follow us. We will do our best to let you know the best and coolest places in the Sunshine State once we reach the fabled land of TFN.