Florida is reopening in phases and it continues to pick up steam. We read where our Governor, Ron DeSantis says he will not close the state again. This makes us happy and more eager to travel.

Those who follow us know that we were kept from traveling for a while. However, we started back with a trip to Vero Beach – even before the Florida Reopening had officially started.

We picked up our breakfast at Mrs Mac’s in Vero during our getaway there.

We’re Not Alone

It appears that we weren’t the only ones who suffered travellus interuptus. New research from the American Automobile Club shows the coronavirus impacted 2020 travel plans for 76 percent of Floridians. Those numbers came from the AAA Consumer PulseTM survey on travel. We learned this was conducted in late May.

While about 40 percent of Florida travelers had to reschedule at least one trip this year, they tell us that 39 percent say they cancelled a trip with no plans to reschedule.

“The coronavirus has had a significant impact on travel this year,” AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins, told us.

Getting Back in the Saddle

Jenkins said that Floridians were “mixed” on how soon they’d be willing to take a road trip, a flight, or simply stay in a hotel. The majority said it would take some time before they feel comfortable traveling as they had in the past.

Apparently, Floridians are projected to take fewer trips than normal, and take extra precautions to avoid contracting the virus. We have been taking such precautions for quite some time. It starts when we diffuse the room, wiping down hard surfaces and cleaning up some of the small appliances upon arrival.

Our diffuser cleaning and freshening the room

Summer Travel Plans

While for some, the 2020 summer travel season looks quite different than in years past, our aim is to continue to hit the road. We realize there are travel restrictions that limit international travel opportunities. Moreover, some states require travelers to quarantine.

But that’s OK. We are in-state tourists – and the Florida’s roads are teeming with fun opportunities.

We read in the AAA survey that due to the threat of coronavirus, Floridians who are interested in traveling would be staying closer to home. That’s music to our ears. We have blogged many great places in the past and our to-visit list is long.

Ready for The Road

As we mentioned previously, we started back traveling even before the official Florida reopening with a trip to Vero Beach. Since that time, we have been over to The Suncoast, Melbourne to see a SpaceX rocket launch, and met up with some of our favorite relatives at Fort Myers Beach.

And we’ve only just begun. Stay tuned as we continue to find wonderful new places in the playground that is called Florida. We also want your suggestions. Be sure to like our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages.