Those who follow us know we love the fun and funky. And The Bubble Room fits that bill to a “T.” It’s has both the quirky atmosphere we love and the food’s not bad either. Our first experience was on our initial trip to Sanibel.

Recently we had the opportunity to return and show it off to some friends. I am here to tell you, it has lost none of its allure. In fact, in leading a tour through the three stories that is the Bubble Room, we saw things we had not previously noticed.

The Bubble Room

The Bubble Room is perched along Captiva Drive on Captiva Island. And it’s easy to spot either by day or night. During the day, it’s given away by a vast array of pastel colors. During the night it is festooned with glowing lights.

Inside the Bubble Room

The entrance the Bubble Room itself is an adventure. We first crossed over the footbridge then traversed the “yellow brick patio” under the multi-colored awning to the front door.

The front door to the Bubble Room

Once inside the foyer is small. There’s a cashier on one side and a glass display case full of decadent desserts on the other. We were asked how many was in our party. At that point, we were whisked through a maze of rooms crammed full of tables, memorabilia and delightful retro music from the 20s. 30s and 40s.

Our waiter Chris was at the table in a blink (replete with his checkered mask). As part of the opening spiel, he regaled us with a history of the Bubble Room and how it came to be. He also was well versed in explaining our menu options.

Chris with menus in hand.

The Menu

As we said, we love the quirky and fun. The Bubble Room has a bill of fare that features great entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches and scrumptious desserts. Each of the items has been given a unique moniker. We had a hard time choosing. We were enticed by the Million Dollar Mermaid Salad (a Cobb) and the Caesar Romano (their Caesar).

A sandwich man myself, I centered in on the signature half-pound Bubble Burger. Of course there’s also the Impossible Bubble Burger for vegan burger fans. Additionally, I was enticed by the Turk Douglas (turkey) and the Modern Times (a BLT).

We noted that the dinner is more of the same. Among the more interesting options are the Duck Ellington, the Marilyn Mignon and the Mahi Brando.

Our favorite of course are the desserts. I can tell you that not only are their cakes to die for – they’re big enough for two. We have had the Tropical Breeze and the Orange Crunch. Each time we got two forks.

What is more romantic than a Tropical Breeze Cake and two forks at the Bubble Room?

If you are a drinker, The Bubble Room also features a full service bar. There you can order just about anything you want. Although we do not imbibe particularly, I am drawn to look more closely into what makes a Pink Flamingo or a Captiva Cooler.

Hard at work in The Bubble Room Bar,

The Atmosphere

As great as the food is, for us, the atmosphere is just as charming. We can start with the tables. Each one is a shadowbox full of antiques and memorabilia. We noticed that some are themed – and each has a big “Merry Christmas” inside.

As our waiter Chris told us, “It’s always Christmas at the Bubble Room.”

While waiting for our meal, we took our friends on an exploratory trip through the three floors that make up the Bubble Room. Everywhere we looked there was something new to see.

For instance, when we looked up, we saw a Soap Box Derby Racer hanging from the ceiling – with a very special driver.

Yes, it was Santa driving the Wall Drug Soap Box Derby Car

We even had a chance to ride down the Tunnel of Love. Actually, it was not until after I had taken the shot and left, that I realized this actually is a photo op. My wife and I could have slid in behind the curtain and have our pictures taken.

Yes, the Tunnel of Love is available to you and yours. We will not miss it next time.

Another feature that I found particularly inviting was a two-seater trolley themed table. My plan is to ask for this table specifically for my wife and myself. It will be a special surprise – up until the time she reads this particular entry…LOL.

The Bubble Room Trolley is a great place to impress your date.

But Wait There’s More

At The Bubble Room check in, we could have bought one of their commemorative T-shirts. However, across the street, we found The Bubble Room Emporium.

The Bubble Room Emporius

We browsed through the shop while waiting for our table. However, a trip through afterward can be just as rewarding. One of our favorite parts was the collection of antique coin-operated kiddie rides. From Sandy the Horse to the Chris Craft motorboat to the brightly colored rocket ship – these brought back a flood of memories to me.

There also were a lot of retro games, jewelry, novelty gifts and of course the obligatory Bubble Room T-shirts available for sale.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

For us, this place was full of nostalgia. We can recommend this as a place to dine, take your friends and have a lot of fun. In this article, we have not scratched the surface into the assault on the senses this place brings. Nor have we touched on the history of The Bubble Room and its founders the Farqhuarson family.

Stay tuned, we’ll have more for you on our return visit.