The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has launched their Safe Summer Travel campaign. As a result, officials are reminding motorists in the Sunshine State to put safety at the top of their travel checklist this summer.

With more residents and visitors on Florida’s roadways, The Department of Highway Safety and the Florida Highway Patrol are partnering with the Florida Department of Children and Families, Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Police Chiefs Association, Florida Sheriffs Association and AAA – The Auto Club Group to help ensure all travelers Arrive Alive.

“Summer is one of the busiest times on Florida roadways and it is also a great time to travel with the whole family. Take time to make sure your vehicle is travel-ready. And always check for children and pets every time you get out of your vehicle.”

Florida Department of Motor Vehicles Executive Director Terry L. Rhodes
It;s time to hit the road for summer travel fun!

The summer months are some of the busiest on Florida’s roadways. Therefore, whether you’re hitting the road for the ultimate family vacation or driving across town, officials suggest to prepare before you leave. Above all, practice good habits behind the wheel. And never leave children or pets unattended in a vehicle

A Checklist for a Fun Time on the Roads

  • Slow down, stay cool. Obey all posted speed limits. Remember, speeding and driving aggressively increases the probability and severity of a crash.
  • Check all tires, including the spare. Check the vehicle’s tire pressure and ensure the vehicle’s tires have adequate tread. Under-inflated tires can overheat. Similarly, never overload a vehicle. That can result in premature tire wear, blowouts and hydroplaning.
  • NEVER leave children or pets in vehicles unattended. Summer can be incredibly hot in Florida. Leaving children or pets unattended for even a short time can be deadly. Make certain all passengers are accounted for when exiting the vehicle.
  • Register emergency contact information. In the event of an emergency, make sure law enforcement knows who to call. Florida allows all driver license and ID card holders to register up to two designated emergency contacts. You can register that information here.
  • Prepare for driving in inclement weather. Summer is hurricane season in Florida. Drivers should be aware of changing weather and road conditions. Know evacuation routes, check road closures and call *FHP to report unsafe road conditions.
  • Check for recalls. Always make sure your vehicle is in peak condition to travel. Check for recalls before hitting the road at this website.
  • Drive Sober. Plan ahead and designate a sober driver or call a ride service. Report impaired drivers by dialing *FHP (*347) or 911.

Make Sure You’re Ready

In addition, checking tire pressure and planning your route, always driving sober and obeying the speed limit, are some of the simple steps that can make a big difference and help keep you and others safe. The first line of defense is our behavior.  And remember, buckle up – every trip, every time

In conclusion, statistics show that June and July are the highest months for speeding tickets. Florida officials say obeying speed limits and not driving aggressively improves safety by reducing the probability and severity of crashes.

In Florida, the speed limit will never be higher than 70 mph.