We are always looking for new products to take with us that make our trips easier and more fum. In fact, we have a Hints & Tips section with Gadgets and planning suggestions for just that.

Recently we obtained a new product called Skinbuzz. It all came in a neat little travel bag. Inside is an activated charcoal and bamboo facecloth, a headband and vials of their product. That includes the Clean•Bee Cleanser, Bee•Witched Toner, Bee•You•Tiful Moisturizer and the Coal•Bee Clay Mask.

There was a lot inside that little bag

Passing the Test

My wife is an organics-type and her review of the ingredients found no fault. She indicated that unlike other so-called “organics,” these appear to be the real deal.

In fact, all Skinbuzz products are made with healthy, healing, all-organic, non-GMO ingredients. They are sustainably sourced from the world of bees and are cruelty-free.  

Although Skinbuzz initially was made for teenagers, the product has been tested and is good for skin of all ages.  Mrs. Funmister enjoyed the opportunity to try the products herself (and some on me.)

“I particularly liked the fact that not only are the organic and non-GMO, but they also are a bee-based product.  I love the fact that most of the ingredients could be found in our organic garden and landscape”.

Mrs Funmeister

Her assessment was that Skinbuzz leaves a smooth silky feel to the skin and is a good light clean skin care choice even for mature skin.

It was More Than the Solutions

Other things she particularly enjoyed included the fact that the small size products in the zip bag – with washcloth and headband – make it a great travel or gym take along.

A really big plus for someone who wears glasses is the color coding of the bottles. For instance, the cleanser is in blue and the moisturizer in green, ect. It makes it easy to identify them without even squinting. 

The bottles have individually colored labels, making them easy to identify

Overall, we were so impressed with the Skinbuzz products that we ordered the sunscreen product to protect us from the Florida sun. Reviews on that to follow.

Meanwhile, you can find more on Skinbuzz here.