When it comes to the best Greek food in Florida – you would have to go a bit to top the Krazy Greek. Our first review of the Krazy Greek (now in Winter Haven) was back in 2018. We loved it then and we love it now.

Since that time we have visited a lot of Greek restaurants across the Sunshine State. We even have been to the heart of Florida’s Greek community in Tarpon Springs – where there are some admittedly great Greek eateries.

Some are bigger, some have a more appealing atmosphere – but when it comes to the menu – we have found that The Krazy Greek still tops our particular list.

The new building

New Location

Previously located in one of the bays of the Highpoint Plaza just off State Road 540, The Krazy Greek has moved to a building on an outparcel in the shopping center. It’s an unassuming gray block structure – but inside we find some of the best Greek dining in Florida.

They call it “insanely delicious” and we have to agree. The menu stretches from pitas and sandwiches, to platters, meals and salads. Our experience has been that we have received great service and generous portions.

Getting Your Order

There are no waiters and waitresses at the Krazy Greek. We simply come in, walk to the counter, make our order and go get a table.

You make your order at the counter – receive your beverage, then go find a table.

There’s a large menu posted on the back wall. We also found to-go menus just inside the door. There was plenty of time for us to pour over our choices before we hit the counter area to make our order.

We also had plenty of options when it came to places to sit. We enjoy sitting at a window seat. However, let it be noted, they also have outside dining for those who wish to enjoy the mild central Florida climate while they dine.

There’s plenty of seating inside and out at the Krazy Greek.

The Food

As we said, there’s an extensive menu at the Krazy Greek. We had our choice of Falafel or Chicken Souvlaki pitas, Greek Gyros, or Lamb burgers. Platters ranged from Shrimp Skewers to Salmon, Pork or Mahi. They even offer Caprese and Mediterranean Sampler platters.

Our go-to is the Spanakopita Dinner. These giant pieces of spinach pie served with a Greek Salad and Pita Bread is enough for lunch and a to-go box as well.

The Spanakoptia is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the tummy.

Somo of our other favorites include the Moussaka, the Dolmades Platter and the Orzo Salad.

The Desserts

Even if we’ve had plenty of dinner – that does not mean we have not left enough room for dessert. Tke Krazy Greek offers a couple different kinds of baklava (plain and cheesecake), as well as Kataifi. These are not large desserts but they certainly are sweet and the perfect topper for a wonderful meal.

All About the Food

Again, this is not a fine dining experience. There are not linen tablecloths and waiters running hither and yon. There’s no lighting of a dish of Saganaki with the accompanying shout of “OPA!”

What there is, is wonderful Greek food in an unexpected place. Yes, you have to get your own order and bring it to the table. Yes, there is plasticware. Yes, you have to bus your table and yes, it’s worth all of that and more.

So when it comes to the best Greek food in Florida – we suggest you try the Krazy Greek in Winter Haven. Let us know what you think.