A real vacation on the Space Coast can be had without breaking the bank and Cocoa Beach is a great place to start. Mrs. Funmeister and I like to find the unique, We’ve discovered a “well kept secret.” It’s The Beach Place Guest Houses.

The place is tucked in just off Atlantic Avenue. It’s a small complex of unique accommodations. Perched on the edge of southeast Florida’s famous cocoa-colored beaches, it’s a perfect setting.

Thus us about all you see of the Guest Houses from the street.

  There are only about a dozen suites, each named after a girl.

We drew Zoe, which was the closest to the water. The living room had a great picture window facing to the east. There, we had a breathtaking view of some of the many decks provided for relaxation and cooking. It also afforded us a beautiful sunrise over the water the next morning.


The decks are first come, first served facilities. Some have barbecue grills, while others feature hammocks, rocking chairs or sitting and dining areas. There you can gather and look out over sand dunes and seagrapes and view the vastness of the ocean.

Finding a pair of rocking chairs we sat and enjoyed a stiff sea breeze. We watched a number of massive cruise ships lumber across the horizon and into the mist. It was a wonderful place to sit and enjoy each other.

We later did some exploring to look at the other decks. One had an ornate barbecue pit, while another sported a traditional-style bread.  All were decorated with giant crystals and strings of outdoor bulbs which were illuminated after dark.

Cocoa Beach

No trip to Cocoa Beach would be complete without a walk along the Atlantic. We made our way there, heading down a trail through the dunes. Then we made our way across the sand and to the water’s edge.

The stroll pointed out to us the uniqueness of our accommodation.

It was a wonderful walk along the water. We were hit periodically by the waves and picked up shells. They were easy enough to find – highlighted against the cocoa-colored sand. Part of our entertainment was a wind surfer. He zipped along – taking advantage of the stiff breeze to work his way among the waves.

There were several ornate barbecue grills for our cooking pleasure

There also were lines of sea gulls and other shore birds who appeared to  be out in search of dinner.

During our walk, we saw lots of multi-story chain hotels. The Beach Place Guest Houses was easily identifiable by the oasis of vegetation between the tall, square concrete buildings.


As an entertainment area, Cocoa Beach offers a myriad of places to eat. We had choices from Mexican to an old English Pub. However, we like to ask the locals. They pointed us to a crazy little place called “Squid Lips.”

We were greeted by a weathered front with walk-ups that wind through a series koi ponds to the front door. The parking spaces were set apart by fish stencils.

Park between the fishes please

 The inside is huge and created for parties. Whether you are two or 22  there are tables enough for everybody.

On our trip we must have hit a down time, the restaurant had only a few occupied tables and we had a great deal of attention from our server.

The Food was Great

My wife, who judges restaurants by the quality of their chips and salsa, gave the chips & queso passing marks. It was both hot and spicy with tri-colored chips that had been warmed.

I really enjoyed the onion chips – made with large bits of onion coated with a special coconut rum breading.  I really enjoyed the Overwater Burger, which was a large hamburger patty draped with Cajun bacon and bleu cheese.

Squid Lips was a great little place to eat

Pricewise Squid Lips was a bit stiff for our normal budget but we were on vacation, so we chalked it up to a culinary experience.

If and when we go back, I probably would invite another couple. This would make better use of the cooking facilities. We then could spend more time  at the beach and on the decks. But for the real seaside Florida experience Cocoa Beach is difficult to beat.

See more at their official web site.

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