So we chose a Vero Beach getaway for our first real trip after the great Covid-19 scare of 2020. Actually, it was not a real getaway as the restaurants had not opened for sit down dining and some of the places we wanted to go were not yet opened.

But never fear, we’ll be back.

Our first blessing was that we found a neat little retro motel where we got a huge bang for our buck. The Sea Spray Inn is just a two minute walk from South Beach Park (three minutes if you amble). It’s an old Florida style lodging.

It features 17 tropical air conditioned one room suites and studios.

A look down to our corner room from the upstairs deck.

It really is a slice of old Florida. We took advantage of the upstairs deck. Additionally, there were a pair of tables on the green downstairs covered with tiki umbrellas and a small pool. Leslie at the front desk could not have been more accommodating.

We had a suite, with a small living area. There was a sofa and a couple of chairs. The Sea Spray also featured a small kitchenette and a table with a great view of the courtyard below.

Because we had to bring all our meals back to the room – that became one of the most endearing features.

Our suite at the Sea Spray Inn.

The Beach

As I said, we were a quick walk from South Beach Park. It’s a small facility with picnic pavilions, bathrooms and a huge beach with lifeguard protection during certain hours. We hit the beach immediately and walked quite a good way. The water was a bit cool there was not a lot of wildlife or boat traffic – but nothing soothes our soul like Vitamin Sea.

South Beach proved to be a great walking beach.

There were not a lot of shells but my wife did make some interesting finds. We just had a lot of fun walking the beach and observing couples, families and fishermen getting out to enjoy the day.

Moreover, we found that South Beach Park turns out some great sunrises.

Sunday Sunrise at South Beach Park.

We had the opportunity to enjoy a pair of very nice sunrises. Actually, it seemed that there were more people out to watch the sunrise there than we have seen in the past.


As I said, because of statewide restrictions, dining in was not an option when we visited. Therefore, we had to bring all our meals back to the room. So this time, we stuck with the tried and true for the most part. We got carryout at Waldos, Toojays and would have tried First Watch – however, they shuttered their location during the situation.

Our dinner from TooJay’s was great – even though it was takeaway.

The fact that First Watch was closed led us to one of our great Vero Beach discoveries – Mrs. Mac’s Fillin’ Station. At first, my wife wondered if this was a gas station with a restaurant. It is not. It is a great little restaurant with a service station theme.

The food was great, the service from our waitress “Punch Buggy” was impeccable and it begs for us to return when we can go inside and enjoy the ambience of the place. It obviously is quite popular. The locals had set up card tables out in the parking lot and were tailgating out of their vehicles.

Punch Buggy delivering breakfast. Apparently, waitresses there must have automobile names – and a Punch Buggy actually is slang for a Volkswagen.

In the End

Our Vero Beach getaway actually turned out to be one of our most interesting vacations. We were in a fairly new place but found some trusted restaurant locations for some great meals. We discovered a new beach along a fairly familiar stretch of the Atlantic coast.

But best of all we found a great lodging that was well within our price range. It was a retro motel and it had some issues of a facility built for another time. But the owners have done a great job fixing it up, keeping it clean and providing a nice lodging experience in a great location.

It was a quiet stay, with many of the guests taking advantage of the pool, the tiki tables and the elevated deck. And it would be hard to complain about the view of the courtyard.

Our view of the courtyard at the Sea Spray Inn.

It is safe to say that a Vero Beach getaway is soothing for the soul at a price we can afford – especially with the value we found at The Sea Spray Inn. Plus there are several places we intend to visit upon our return – so stay tuned.