Happy New Year to all our Florida Fun Zone readers. First off, we would like to thank you and all of the folks who have stopped by here and our other social media platforms to look at our posts regarding our travels, helpful hints and suggestions for upcoming events.   It has been a little over a year since...
  We have seen a lot of travel blogs on how to pack. There are dozens of great suggestions from how to roll your clothes to carrying your toiletries in plastic bags. There are recommendations on what to carry in your car, from automotive tool kits to first aid bags.    There are so many things to think about in...
  Back in September we did a piece on Florida bourbons in honor of "Bourbon Heritage Month." Little did we know it would lead to one of the great Christmas presents of our adult life.    There are three bourbon distilleries here in Florida, including the Timber Creek Distillery in Crestview - up in the panhandle.  We were stunned when...
   While traveling through scenic Hardee County we came across a roadside sign announcing "The Bee Barn."  Intrigued, we decided to make a visit and found a true hidden gem. The sharp-eyed Mrs. Funmeister, who also serves as the navagatrix for our trips spotted the small roadside sign.   "That looks like a fun place," she opined. I agreed and...
   When we travel, we have a check list to make certain that everything we need is in the cabin of the vehicle, situated in its optimum space and ready to go.  There is nothing more frustrating than getting on the road and realizing we have left something of importance at the house. That means we either have to...
This is October - as we swing into the tenth month of the year, it's beginning to cool off, the hurricane season is over and there are a lot of resasons to celebrate. Here are a few of the "official" month designations, we will look at some of the weeks and days as we get further through this month's...
Listed as one of the 11 most Unconventional Conventions by SyFy Wire, the 19th Annual Klingon Feast hits Daytona Beach this weekend - and for the fans of the badboys (and girls) of Star Trek, this is their time to shine. The Feast  is a weekend event planned, produced  and presented by fans for fans. No guest stars – just Klingons with...
   September is National Honey Month (who knew?) and Florida has some of the tastiest bee products in the entire United States.    Of course everybody knows about our signature Orange Blossom Honey picked from the flowers of thousands of groves across the Sunshine State. But how about Palmetto,  Gallberry, Sea Grape and Tupelo?  Each has its own distinctive flavor...
Sorry we have not blogged for a while, but the recent visit by Hurricane Irma has kept us pretty busy for the past couple of weeks. Here at Fun Headquarters we got blown about a bit - as it got pretty breezy at times, but save some roofing, lost fence and a lot of downed tree limbs we came...
  We here at the Florida Fun Zone are always in search of the quirky and interesting - so when we were tipped to great piece of Americana in Kissimmee, we decided to stop by and visit. On a recent trip to Osceola County - it was a short detour up Monument Avenue to Lakefront Park where we found...




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