If you like great food in a fun atmosphere Ford’s Garage is a wonderful choice. We first found a location in Brandon back in September of 2017 while searching TripAdvisor. It was the outside that initially intrigued us.

Old Ford cars and trucks were parked about the building as exterior decor. My favorite part was the drive-over hose that sounded a bell – just like the gas stations of old. Inside there was more of the same, the blue cloth napkins resembled shop rags. The silverware was held in by use of a hose clamp.

When you get to the table, the silverware sets the stage.

And that’s just the start. The automotive theme carries throughout the restaurant – even to the restrooms. Yes, I saw it in the men’s room while my wife saw it in the ladies’ room. It even prompted me to do something I seldom do – take a photo there.

The gas handle faucets are reprised on the door pulls. Note the hexagonal tiles many of us remember from service stations in the old days. The ladies’ room is quite similar (according to my wife.)

The Food

Although we enjoyed the decor, we really went for the food. Our trips to Ford’s Garage have not disappointed for the most part. The first time we ordered a “Piston of Onion Rings” appetizer. It came out served on the neck of a vintage funnel. I liked the smoky white dipping sauce, she liked the spicy barbecue dipping sauce.

Our Piston of Rings

Just like the decor, the names of the dishes reflect the automotive theme. My first burger was The Model A. But they also offer the American Standard, the High Octane and the Low Carb-urator burgers- among others. When it comes to starters, in addition to the Piston of Onion Rings there’s also Edsel’s Pretzels.

The burger buns also are branded with the Ford logo – which we thought was a nice touch.

The burger buns are branded with the Ford Garage logo.

The Bar

The three Ford’s Garage locations we now have visited also had a bar. All were dominated by at least one full-sized Model A (complete with spinning wheels), hanging from the ceiling.

The wheels spin slowly and the horn occasionally sounds – but the car stays put.

We didn’t spend a lot of time at the bar, but we did notice they featured an amply-stocked well of spirits. Moreover, at least at the Cape Coral location, there were no fewer than 24 different beer taps with an equally wide-array of selections for those who like a cold brew.

Great for Families

Despite the fact they have a large bar, we think this can be a good place for families – or groups. The “garage” theme carries the day, and they have seating inside and out. We saw a family going in as we were leaving the Cape Coral location. The boys were drawn by the antique gas pumps and such.

The two lobbied unsuccessfully to eat on the outside patio. They pointed to a flatbed truck that had been converted into a long table that could accommodate a good sized group. And it also provided a wonderful stage for selfies.

This Ford flatbed has been converted for dining.

Show You’ve Been There

When you have visited the Ford Garage, they give you the opportunity to advertise it. Like the bar, their gift area also is amply stocked. We saw apparel like hats, T-shirts and hoodies. In addition there were books, mugs and keychains. Naturally, all are emblazoned with the Ford’s Garage logo.

It was wet the day we were in Cape Coral. We probably would have purchased a waterproof jacket if they’d had one in our size.

The Fords Garage gift shop was well stocked,

A Florida Chain

We have been to the Ford’s Garage locations in Brandon, Fort Myers and Cape Coral. But they told us that actually there are seven here in the Sunshine State plus one in Dearborn, Michigan.

In any event, like some of the other chains we enjoy like First Watch, Jason’s Deli and TooJay’s, we can recommend Ford’s Garage as a great go-to for good food in a fun and funky atmosphere.